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Milk Kefir
Milk Kefir is a milk based probiotic drink. It is made by introducing the Kefir 'grains' (cultures) into milk and allowing it to ferment in a glass container for 12-36 or more hours. The resulting beverage is slightly fizzy, has the tartness of buttermilk or sour cream and the texture of a thin yogurt. The beverage can be consumed plain, flavored with extracts, spices, fruit, herbs or used in cooking, baking, or to make kefir cheese. Most people find it too strong to drink straight and prefer to add it to smoothies or to flavor it with fruits.

Benefits of Drinking Milk Kefir:
  • Probiotic Content
  • High in Vitamin C and B complexes, K, biotin
  • Easily Digested Protein Packed
  • Source of Minerals
  • Helps restore the good bacteria to your digestive track 
  • Has a calming affect that can aid in sleep and lessen stress levels

Basic Milk Kefir
1 qt. glass jar
1.5 tbsp or more Kefir grains
1 qt. Milk 

Place grains in jar, fill with milk. Leave approximately an inch of headspace. Cover and leave sitting on counter. Check every 6-12 hours until thickened and tart. Finished Kefir will look lumpy. 
Once finished strain finished Kefir to remove grains. Start a new batch and move the finished Kefir into a container for storage and consumption. At this point you can also do a second ferment or flavoring process with the finished Kefir. After removing the Kefir grains you can add fruit, herbs, spices, and sweeten the finished Kefir. 

Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a non-dairy alternative. It is still a wonderful Probiotic and is packed full of helpful compounds, acids, bacteria and good yeasts that help our bodies function properly. It is a refreshing sweeter, slightly tart and fizzy beverage. Easily flavored with herbs, spices, extracts, and juices. 

Benefits of Drinking Water Kefir:
  • Probiotic
  • Non-Dairy alternative
  • Digestive System Support
  • Supports the Immune Systemm
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy Alternative to soda
  • Helps sustain energy levels
  • Lowers stress and anxiety

Basic Water Kefir
1 qt. glass jar
1/4 cup Water Kefir Grains

1 qt. Water (non chlorinated)
1/4 cup Sugar (your choice) 
    IF you use white sugar or a more refined sugar add 1 tsp of unsulphured Molasses for every 1/4       cup of sugar.

Dissolve sugar in 1 cup of warm water. Add rest of water. Once water is room temperature add grains. You can either cover with mesh at this point or put a lid on loosely. Allow to sit for 24-48 to brew. You will know it is finished when it is less sweet and a little bubbly. At this point you can move it into a second Ferment with herbs, spices, extracts, juices, etc. If you do a second ferment remove the grains to start your next round of Kefir, take the finished Kefir add the juice, etc and allow to sit in a sealed container or bottle for a couple of days so it builds up carbonation. 

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